Melanie C & Sink The Pink Tour Dates

Melanie C & Sink The Pink – Global Pride Tour 2019

Melanie C and Sink The Pink are proud to announce details of a unique, world-colliding live show, which they will debut on a tour of Pride events later this summer. Beginning in Sao Paolo on June 21st, this thrilling collaboration will also bring the party to the likes of London, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Brighton andDublin

A tour from Melanie C and Sink The Pink is perhaps no less than you’d expect of a Spice Girl and a nightclub-turned-movement who, (in their own fierce, fearless ways), have always taken the road less trodden. A long-time ally and icon, the friendship between Melanie and Sink-The-Pink-ringleader Glyn Fussell came to its most creative fruition last summer, when she appeared at the STP-co-founded festival, Mighty Hoopla. Seizing the opportunity to do something surprising and new, the pair threw themselves into one-off show involving all the hits, a sequined catsuit (with added Addias, of course), and four extra Spices in drag. If Brockwell Park had a roof, the ecstatic response would have torn it off, and so an idea was born for Melanie and Sink The Pink to come back with something bigger, better and brasher than ever before.

Melanie C & Sink The Pink Logo

The last year or so has seen a rich period of evolution, collaboration and celebration for Melanie C and Sink The Pink alike. This summer, Melanie will of course reunite with The Spice Girls for the band’s enormously-anticipated UK stadium tour (for which she is currently in rehearsals). She is also working on brand new, completely re-energised solo material, following unexpected Next Gen co-signs ranging from global sensation Billie Eilish to hip-hop royalty Amine. Sink The Pink, meanwhile, continue to tell the next chapter of alternative UK nightlife in their staggering 10-year story: from the anything-goes club space that has scaled up to London’s Troxy or Brixton Academy to a collective spanning theatre, panto, a festival, and creative agency. Sink The Pink’s is a mission brought together under the wider manifesto of community, equality, and change: the very cornerstones, too, which have made Melanie C one of our most culturally-influential pop stars.

Introducing the tour for the first time today, Melanie says: “this is a bit of dream come true for me! I’m going on tour with Sink the Pink, the most inclusive, fun and fabulous club night in London and we’re taking their best drag queens round the world, for a truly special show. I can’t wait!” Glyn, meanwhile, stated that “Melanie has been a long time supporter and friend of Sink The Pink and over the last few years we have created some of the most memorable moments in our history with her, with the standout being last year’s Mighty Hoopla performance. It’s not every day a bunch of drag queens get to step out and tour the world with a Spice Girl. This tour shows how committed Melanie is to her LGBTQ fans and we are frankly shitting sequins we are so excited. World here we come!”

This summer, join Melanie C and Sink The Pink as two become one, and pop history is made.

Sink The Pink | Global Pride Tour

June 21st || ParadaSP Fest || São Paulo
June 23rd || LGBT+ Pride Parade || São Paulo
July 13th || Pride || Bristol
July 27th || Milkshake Festival || Amsterdam
July 31st || Pride || Stockholm
August 3rd || Pride || Brighton
August 10th || Pride || Margate
September 27th || Limelight || Belfast
September 28th || The Academy || Dublin

+ More dates to be announced…